Editorial Services

Liverpool: Gateway to Heaven and Hell, Neil Deane, published December 2016, history, travel guide and autobiographical sketches ISBN 978-3-86460-573-4 available on Amazon

Alex and Toosh Go To... Australia, Kuwait, London, Poland, series of children's books by Melanie
​de Leon, forthcoming publications

The Mousse that Roared, by Diane King, forthcoming title

Huedles to Cross with Faith.  Michelle Bazari, published July 2017. ISBN; 9781326934002.  available on lulu.com

Do Men Give Love for Sex and Women Give Sex for Love? Marissa Daruwalla, published December 2017.  A guide for couples in low-sex/no-sex relationships. ISBN: 9789995903602 avauilable on Facebook SEED -Sex Education page

Mickey Doc. Fintan Harvey, published December 2016.  Hilarious novel about a shop assistant from Derry/Londonderry who enters the XZ Factor and his troubled relationship with the girl he met in the auditions queue.  ISBN; 9781973437109

Various dissertations on ancient Crete, literacy among children with special needs, medicine/nursing, international banking law, bombing of Nagasaki

Regular work for Legas LLC on translated law reports, contracts, business reports.  Epic Global, transcripts of court cases

Editing and Proofing