Liverpool: Gateway to Heaven and Hell, Neil Deane, published December 2016, history, travel guide and autobiographical sketches ISBN 978-3-86460-573-4 available on Amazon

Alex and Toosh Go To... Australia, Kuwait, London, Poland, series of children's books by Melanie de Leon, forthcoming publications

The Mousse that Roared, by Diane King, forthcoming title

Huedles to Cross with Faith.  Michelle Bazari, published July 2017. ISBN; 9781326934002. available on

Do Men Give Love for Sex and Women Give Sex for Love? Marissa Daruwalla, published December 2017.  A guide for couples in low-sex/no-sex relationships. ISBN: 9789995903602 avauilable on Facebook SEED -Sex Education page

Mickey Doc. Fintan Harvey, published December 2016.  Hilarious novel about a shop assistant from Derry/Londonderry who enters the X Factor and his troubled relationship with the girl he met in the auditions queue.  ISBN; 9781973437109. Available on Amazon

Imperial Guises. A verse novel by SL Warnick.  An intimate portrait of the mind of a genius and how with mental greatness comes the objector of mental turmoil.  Published 2019.  ISBN: 9781093927450  Available on Amazon

Various dissertations on ancient Crete, literacy among children with special needs, medicine/nursing, international banking law, bombing of Nagasaki

Regular work for Legas LLC on translated law reports, contracts, business reports.  Epiq Global, transcripts of court cases; Sunrise Setting, sub-editing Review of Radical Political Economics.

​Clients in UK, Ireland, France, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Poland, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mongolia, South Africa.

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