Editorial Services

CIPR Newspaper Production Journalist of the Year 2008, 2010

Very pleased with your work and the relaxed, no nonsense way you went about the project; you will definitely get future assignments from me as I think I will carry on writing until I no longer can and a good editor is very important. I think you provide a good solid service with a human touch. N.D.

You have a good eye for spotting errors in text and a light touch in editing which does not get b the way of the author but enhances that they have to say. M.S.

You did a great job. The work reads better and the appearance is first class. H.R.

In an impressive and competitive field, Jeremy Kirker’s production journalism stood out for its quality and impact.His entry shone because of the boldness and imagination he brought to  big stories and the skilled treatment of pictures which helped him construct memorable front pagesCIPR Awards 2008